Ambush - The First Truly African Camouflage We wish to introduce Ambush, an exciting new range of uniquely African camouflage outdoor clothing. Ambush made its debut launch at the 2013 Huntex Expo in Johannesburg with overwhelmingly positive consumer reaction: sales exceeded R5000 on all days and requests for local stockiest were made repeatedly. Using the African bush as the motive for its patterned print, Ambush is locally designed and made with the African environment specifically in mind. The dry bush pattern is ideally suited to all terrains, using black and dark colors with sparse white contrast. This is in line with current research, which shows such tones to be the most effective in all situations, including light-colored grass and bush. With considerations such as temperature fluctuations, intense UV levels and thorny vegetation, this unique 100% cotton camouflage range is poised to make its mark on the local hunting clothing market with designs that are both practical and stylish.


Hunter & guide blend with bush perfectly Men's long pants Babygrow  
  All men's shirts are vented at the back   Bow hunters shirt
    Short pants - men Shoulder pad of rifle hunters shirt
Men's parker jacket, one inside zipped pocket Men's parker jacket, with elbows padded Men's parker jacket  
  Details of men's vented shirt and long pants Men's short pants  
We have a men's and ladies range Men's parker jacket We have a men's and ladies range Ladies waistcoat
Men's long sleeve shirt and long pants Men's long pants with padded knees, two zipper pockets.
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Contact: Sitta Voigts
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